Upper Front Fork Brace Cracked

Has any one else seen the Upper Front Fork Brace crack where the bolt goes through, left side bottom hole? I dont believe I over torqued it, 22ft lb like the manual says. This brace holds the fork tubes and provides a mount for the handle bars.

I was going riding and loosened the front fork tubes up to adjust the height and found the crack. I guess it is possible that I did not use a torque wrench, last time but since it is aluminum I would not have over torqued the top clamp because the bolt could strip out the soft aluminum.

Check yours just for safety reasons. This could have been real bad for me if it let go at speed

The upper triple clamp shouldn't crack if it is tightened right (or the bottom) You need to tighten them each equely back and forth. You tighten one a little then the other back and forth till they are tight. If you just tighten one then the other you are looking for trouble....like you said, usaly a stripped threads or broken bolt. :cry:

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