Anyone live near Gorman OHV area?

I had been planning on going to the Gorman OHV area tomorrow (Sat 10/30) for a couple weeks now but with the rains we've had I don't know how it is up there. I live almost two hours south of there in Orange County and I'd hate to drive all the way up there tomorrow morning only to get there and find it all muddy.

Does anyone have experience with that place after it rains? Does it get muddy or does it hold up pretty good? I know a lot of the sandwash areas would be great, but I like a lot of the tight singletrack trails there.

Gorman has some areas that stay muddy and others that dry out quickly...The valley area is usually ok for riding a short time after rainfall (sand). The badlands have clay soils and stay greasy for a week or more. It should be a good "mix" of conditions right now...I'd go!


I just called and they said it was super muddy. I guess I'll wait a few weeks until my next available weekend.

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