yz450 piston problems

I have worn out my piston and rings on my 04 yz450 in about 75 hours. Is this normal?

What kind of piston should I get/ brand/ high compression/ coated ect..?

Well, the one you want to replace lasted 75 hours without failure..................

75 hours...wow...I wouldn't complain! As far as a replacement, I would suggest either the Wiseco or J&E Hi Comps.

Just curious... How did you know they were worn out?

75 Hours.. How did you measure this? When I had my DRZ i didnt have an hour meter and estimated my engines running time. When i got my YZF I bought a moto-minder hour meter and soon realised that i had been over-estimating my running time by at least double...

I carry a Garmin GPS that tells me my moving time, speeds, ect... I realised that a days worth of riding usually consists of about 3 to 4 hours, not 5-6 like I used to think.

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