help!! Top speed 85mph on 650L

Reading through all this only confirms for me that i bought the wrong bike too. I purchased my 650L about a month ago, it was brand new and had sat in the dealership waiting for me since it was built in 2003. Now i know why. Honda should be [@#$%&*!]-slapped for producing such a gutless piece of crap. Looks like you can throw as much money as you like at it and you'll be lucky to gain 3kw. Have a listen and laugh at the tune it plays in top gear at 70kmh (45mph). Sounds just like my ride on mower.

A slip-on exhaust and a rejet will cure your lack of power problem.

I too short shift the pig to get max use of the powerband. Top end does not have enough torque to pull it, so your speed is limited.

The true question is how often do you need to go 100 miles an hour on a heavy trail bike? I use it to commute through Dallas Traffic and it is perfectly suited for these conditions. It will be my rain race motard next year in CMRA. It still out excelerates any car out there. Top speed being around 90mph is just fine down the Tollway(average car speed 70mph). The 21inch front tire is hard to find street tires for but make it very easy to drive over curbs to get around traffic jams.

Just think of the bike being built for your big, fat, old guy that wants to putt around the woods. Not too much power, pretty stable at low speeds, Reliable electric start, and big enough to hall their fat ass's around the woods for a few days.

The truth being it makes a really good begginer bike for a big guy getting a late start. As they progress they quickly realize that they wan't more power and trade it in for something stronger.

I forced myself to ride this bike for a year in Dallas traffic before buying my GSXR1000. The idea was to get used to riding in Traffic again on a bike after having not riddin for some 6yrs. Now I have my GSXR1000 for Street, Racing, and Track. The Motard is still really fun to commute on.

Except it for what it is and learn to use it for that. Or go buy another bike. It is just a tunned down, big, heavy, dirtbike, that is street legal. :cry:

Well said NukBoy. I just rode my L to Palm Springs and back to San Diego this weekend. I took all the back roads and passed every car on the road (and bike) It handled great on the tight turns even with full knob tires. If you want a fast bike for the freeway get a real street bike. This is the go anywhere any time bike. You can’t beat the versatility of the L for the price.

Don't forget the back tire has probally the most effect on gearing. A well worn rear, or a shorter height will make the gear ratio much higher.

Personally, I think anyone worrying about the top speed on an XR650L is totally missing the point of the motorcycle. The fun on these bikes is from like 10-60MPH. The right rider on tight twisty roads will have an earsplitting grin the bike is so much fun.

I've owned several 160MPH-capable sportbikes. Not one of them was anywhere near the fun of my 'tard.

If you're into high speeds, it's simply the wrong motorcycle.

I was a bit surprised to find my L got way too light and dancy at about 85, but what the hell, 85 on the highway with knobbies isnt the smartest thing in the world, I guess ... I crash for a living (thats what my friends say, anyway), so I guess I think about these things too much ... Im at the age where I gear her down, and point her into the boonies, anyway ... and Miss Piggie is real good at that chore ...

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