Thumpertalk SPONSORS Please read!

I particularly enjoy this site and information offered.For everybody whom enjoys this site and were offering to help keep it up and running, now's your chance. Don't forget to click on the ads and banners from Barnes and Noble and other sponsors. You don't have to buy anything necessarily but by clicking and at least viewing for a second it pulls traffic their way (yes they track what sites brought you to them)and they are more inclined to keep sponsoring the site.

good call.

You've brought up a good point. Some have offered to send me money to keep this site going. I don't want to do that. But clicking through to Barnes and Nobel and Amazon and buying your books, electronics, christmas gifts, etc. is a good way to sponsor this site. And I'm only talking about when you were going to buy something anyway through their site.

I've only received a couple of small checks from Amazon over the past year ($25.00) but the more traffic purchases the better.

If anyone knows of motorcycle related web sponsors with affiliate programs, let me know. I had one on for a while but they would never get back to me when I e-mailed and/or called them so I pulled them from the site.


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