Hot start assly from 03-04 model to wr 426 2002 ?

Do any of you know if it's possible to retrofit a clutch lever assly with hot start lever from a 2003-04-05 wr 450 to a 2002 wr 426 ? I like the clean look of the newer set up and would like to replace the red knob under my tank.

I think you would have to use the carburator too. not just the handle bar perch.

The hot start plunger in the carb on the 03-04 models in in a different location than on the 02. It would also mount in the location that the compression release is, would be a problem if you still require it. The Dr. D setup seems like a good choice and is the setup I am leaning towards when I get a desert YZ tank for mine WR. It is also available through the TT store Link

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