Mounted Speedo

I just purchased the small japanese analog speedo from Baja Designs. The unit is tiny and replaces the stock trip meter using the existing cable. It took about 20 min to install and looks great! I'll have to test accuracy with my GPS.

I just recently bought the same for my L since my stock speedo got busted up from crashing offroad :cry: It works and looks great but cant seem to figure out how to hook up the two wires to get it to light up? I am not an electritian so if anyone knows how I could wire this up let me know. :cry:

I didn't hook up the wires yet on my 650R mainly because I don't ride at night. One thing I can tell you is that you need to hook the red wire to a positive source. I'm assuming you had to have some sort of wiring going into your stock speedo.

Get a volt meter and with the bike on, find a wire putting off around 12 volts. That is your positive wire that goes to red. The black wire can be mounted to any ground wire or straight to the chassis.

It has the wires for the little light bulbs from the stock one I guess i could use one of them. :cry:

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