Ordered and rg3 top clamp for the wr 450!

...and they persuaded me to get a matching bottom clamp, evne though it has not tapped hole for the light bracket, I will get it machined in. They did it at half price and I could not resist!

Now all I need are some Pastrama hi rise bars in inch and an eighth, and to make up some brackets for the odo and light etc. Maybe a trailtech with billet mount.....hmmmm!

Cannot wait to fit it all, should look good and ride nice.

Thats a goods way to go. It should be nice when you are done. :cry:

Just trying to find a trailtech mount that will fit with it, to keep it all neat. Billet clamp looks like it may, but not sure. The full WR fitting kit is expensive at 85 bucks or 70 pounds here in the UK!

You can make your own billet mount for the Trail Tech that is simpler than the one you can buy. The one made for it looks great! PM me if you need the mounting hole centers and slot sizes before you order one. :cry:

i've never rode anything with rg3' but i wish ou could ride mine with the hurricanes,especially since i had the rear shock done ,this thing is artform in action! :cry:

Darn it? Got the RG3 delivered, and there is a machining fault on the handebar mountings. I smuggled em back to the UK and will have to get soem new bar mounts sent over FOC from Cali!

I always get probs buying from the US when I am there!! Maybe they send em junk cos they know I live a long way away!?

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