***Installed GYT-R Carb Fiber Airbox on 426F and Wondering...***

I just installed this thing and I'm a little concerned about how "open" it is compared to the stock airbox. In addition to the various openings on the side, the fit doesn't seem as good. The stock box protruded towards the filter, and the filter would sort of wrap around the protrusion. The GYT-R CF box is flat where it meets the filter and it (hopefully) fits flush against it. So, my concern is the CF box appears to have easier access for dirt to get into the box, and ensuring a tight fit with the filter seems a bit dicey compared to the stock box...Any opinions from those that forked out the cash for the GYT-R? :cry: Thanks.

all of the aftermarket boxes are more open to allow more air to get in. More air also means more dirt. You will have to be meticulous with your filter maintance. I had the Dr. D box and had no problems.

I highly recommend you buy a PC Pro Seal for the airbox. This will ensure a perfect seal between the air filter and the air box every time.

I had the Dr. D box and had no problems.

So did I...... :cry:......the same one

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