DIY Radiator repair

I am sure this is not the smartest thing I could have done. I was not too scared to try this because I live 1.5 miles from Mylers radiator repair. Even a giant screw-up would cost 35.00.

My YZ radiator was not severly damaged. Due to a hit against a motorcycle trailer the innermost section or core of the radiator was completly closed. Just one section, probably 1/2 inch wide.

I was sick of looking at it. The plastic snap-in louvers woudl not fit properly. It is so cold in Utah that riding is out of the question. I had nothing to lose.

I warmed up the bike until the radiator was warm to the touch. I took 3 lengths of fishing line, 30 lb test, and stuck them through the outside of the radiator. I tied the three sections together.

My bike was sitting on the stand. I had my "weight impared" friend sit on the bike. Props to the Works conection stand for not folding...

I hooked a ratcheting tie down to the wall, the other end to the fishing line and started cranking on it.

Dammed if it did not pull the rad back into shape. It looks as good as new. I will keep you posted as to how it holds up. At this point there are no leaks. Hopefully I could duplicate this feat in an emergency. I was hocked to see how easily the radiator went back into shape. I think I could have pulled it back with my hands.

very interesting!

Yeah ive seen them pulled out if just one row is crushed.

You ummm usually remove them rather than find a "weight impaired friend" to sit on the bike but if it works it works.

Luke, I thought about removing them. I was not sure how to clamp the rad. to something without causing more damage. The only part that looked strong was the two mounting brackets. Outside of that the entire radiator was quite wimpy.

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