2005 WR vs. 2004 KTM EXC -- Same price (Which one would you buy)

Looking to upgrade from my 2003 XR400. I've done a lot of research and have narrowed down my search to these two bikes. However, I never thought I would be able to justify or afford the KTM.

My local Yamaha dealer has quoted me a price of $6100 OTD for a 2005 WR450.

The local KTM dealer has a left over 2004 KTM 450 EXC for the same price.

I thought I would run this past the TT crowd to see what you would do in a similiar sitiuation.

BTW...I ride 98% trails with a little MX thrown in.

Thanks!!! :cry:

If I could get a KTM for the same price as a WR I'd do it in an instant.

Up here the KTM is $2000+ higher in price than the WR,and it's not easy to find one either!!!

The KTM 450EXC is over $10000 :cry: ,which is way too much money for me!!

if you like wrenching get the ktm if you like riding get the wr.

if you like wrenching get the ktm if you like riding get the wr.

Very insightful, thanks........

GO for the WR and you will definatly sleep better, and since i got rid of my KTM i do.

I sure don't want to detract from KTM's and I have never owned one either. I can say though that the WR is a pleasure to own and ride, and it seems like they just keep on going with very little maintenance other than oil changes. Lots to be said for reliability.

I was asking myself the same question until a guy in my club pulled up on a brand new 525 EXC last weekend. His buddy had a brand new EXC 300 and they were both raving about their bikes. Well an hour later BOTH guys are putting nuts and bolts back on their bikes cuz stuff was falling off. That's the same reason I sold my 2001 250SX after a year- way too much maintenance. I just picked up a new WR today

AAAAHHHHH, Christmas in October aint it great. :cry:

several of my riding buddies have these orange bikes: 450, 520,525. while very sexy and well crafted austrian machines. all this wrenching and adjusting is cutting in to my riding time. go blue or meet me on the trail after you've resolved your issue. vincent

Did you get the WR450 yet???

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