Gearing on a 426f

What would be the best gearing for the 426f? I do mostly MotoX and Supercross. Will that make the bike snappier and will the front end rise alot more? Thats how I like bikes.

For tight MX i used 13/49...for everything else(fast MX, trails, some desert) i used 15/49.

14/52 works for everything. Indoor, outdoor, play. But be ready to hold on!

I will be trust me HAHA.

Thats what I am talking about baby.

i personally use 14/50 for MX,i have tried just about every combo,13/48(too much shifting)stock didnt quite have the snap out of corners for me(200 lbs).i could see trying maybe a 14/51 max,anything else the motor will run through the gears too fast :cry:

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