what is a Good 2nd BiKe?

hey all, I don't have money now But was wondering opinions on 2nd Bikes? I don't Plan to get rid of my BRP.

I have been thinking about getting a crf450 since I have a couple of xr's for when I'm working on the 450's valves. :cry:

Wanna get 450x for a second bike when it comes out. :cry:

I guess I'm really not considering anytime soon b/c I don't have the time for the 1 bike I have...but I have seen some good prices on used CR250's that have tons of aftermarket parts and are cheap to rebuild. I'm wondering what bike would be good compliment for the XR650R but not overlap its charteristics but cover what it doesn't?

I have always had 4-stroke XRs and thought that it may cover all my basis in that it'd be a light-weight 2-stroke along with my pig of a 4-stroke.

How well do the CRF450 really compaire to the CR250? (They are still new enough to be pricy and if I'd consider it I'd have to get rid of my BRP)

The others machines I regularly ride with are kid on a YZ 125, two Banchee's and a Honda Pilot which has a CR500 in it...so I'm the only thumper... (others we see and ride with at times but those are the guys that are convient and I call when I'm going riding)

I'm open to opinions and wonder what ya'll think, CR, CRF, KTM, YZ, etc...?

Remember this wouldn't replace my XR650R just be in addition.

What are your opinons if cost were an issue, and if it wasn't!



I think a good all around fun bike would be a KDX. You can get your 2-smoke "fix" now and then, they're great in the woods, and they're not bad on the track if you set 'em up for it. It's a great "buddy" bike for visitors, too.

My friend has a BRP and a CR250. The perfect opposites.

He is going to switch to a KTM450 as he hurt his knee and wants the e-button.

I've been looking for a YZ250 or YZ250F to be the opposite of my XR400.

The perfect opposites.


I like your idea.....from one extreme to the other! I am looking at a CR500AF 218 pounds dry weight and 55hp :cry:

yea, CR250 is just what i was thinking. As for CR500AF there was one on E-bay but i think 250 would be plenty for my scrauny butt.

Anyone care to tempt me with a good deal on 250 2-smoke?

JT :cry:

jackattack, i'd love to try a trials bike but i'd be riding by myself for sure.

i wonder how cheap they are?


I love my CR250(with clarke oversize tank) but I don't think I will keep it. Since the XR650R that I am buying is actually going to be my second bike. I Ride and race my CBR900. I ride 85% street and the other 15% dirt. I could use the money for the Supermoto wheels and brakes that I'm going to buy. I should get about $3000 for my CR.

Outrider I sent you a PM


--- The next genoration of bikes!!

The Two smokes were fun so, they made them Illeagal (that's a sick bird) then we made the four strokes fun.....They'll make them Illeagal so, now the new XR race bike....I laughed, I cry, this really moved me Bob.......


The more you fallow the links it's not a bad bike for twenty minutes.


I can carry a bucket of gas, but I can't carry a bucket of electricity! :cry:

You just need to make clover leaf type trail rides! each ride would be twenty minutes and end at the truck....start the generator wait twenty minutes and your off for the next loop! Or you can do 40 minute loop ride till it's dead in about 30 minutes and then push the bike the last 10 minutes back to the truck! I would love to try one for a day though....all that torque and only 160# it has ten times the torque of the new CRF250! and seven times the torque of the XR650R! It must just jump off the gound. 0~40 mph faster then the CRF250R! It would not be a first bike but sounds like fun! Till it dies :cry:

CRF450X will be on my list for a second or third bike but not for a couple of years.

I think a steel frame CR250 would make a great 2nd bike. They are still light and can be found cheap. I got my '92 3 years ago for $1600. It was in great shape except for the plastic with an aftermarket silencer, ProTapers, and FMF silver pipe. I miss it. It sucked for putting around, but damn did it handle compared to my present 600R.

And on top of that, I can pedal my bicycle faster than 40mph.

And on top of that, I can pedal my bicycle faster than 40mph.

If your pedaling 40mph on a flat with a road bike then you are when bad dude! :cry:

Just got my new 2nd bike...RM250...Sweet!

Picked up a 04 YZF450 today. It is sweet. I will use it for the track and the xr for everything else. I rode a 05 crf450 and the my 04 YZF450 and the 650 is still fun to ride. But I figure doing mx on the 650 is hard on it.

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