what is a Good 2nd BiKe?

Congrats on your new bike!

You said you rode both yours and the CRF450...what did you feel about each...and what helped you decide?

Enjoy it!


The 05 crf450 is sweet. Power is smooth. My 04 yz450 seems to have a harder hit. It feels faster than the crf but I think the Honda would be easier and less tiring to ride on the track. I've just been riding on the power lines close to the house. We are going to a track this weekend so I will get to compare both on handling. From what I've read Yamaha made the 05 yz450 more Honda like in power delivery.

I Ride Alot Of Woods. Some Tight And Some Not So Tight. I Sold My Pumped Xr 650r And Got A Yzf450. The 450 Is Better In The Tight Stuff But When We Ride A More Wide Open Trail Boy Do I Miss My Xr. One Day When I'm Not Poor I Would Like To Get Another Xr. For The Kind Of Riding I Do A 450f And A Xr650r Would Be The Best Of Both Worlds.

High Compression

Honda 1000RR, great second bike!




thatas what I'm looking at, only a Gas Gas 280 or 300.

yea, CR250 is just what i was thinking. As for CR500AF there was one on E-bay but i think 250 would be plenty for my scrauny butt.

JT :)

Hey JT, I can only say CR250R - DO IT - DO IT - DO IT!! :):D

I did it this spring and absolutely love that light swirly thing. All the Honda 4strokes were too expensive, or lets say more than I wanted to invest for a 2nd bike. Currently it looks like the CR has become my first bike... my 650L is doomed for taking me to work right now :D might be different if I go to WV this year but with the CR I last much longer on the track and trails!

No doubt about it buy a Kawasaki ZRX 1200 and you will have all the second bike you will ever need.

I'm goin' crazy trying to figure out how to get a 300EXC (need wifes okay) :)


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