skidplate foam

you know that little piece of foam that comes with your skidplate? supposed to keep mud from building up under the motor...well i had mine(works connection)off the other day and it was like a brick of oil(from changing) and dirt,the little 4 oz. piece of foam was now almost 2 lbs. of brick!!! i'd rather have the mud,it can't weigh as much as this thing! so in the garbage it goes :smashpc:and off goes another 2lbs. that and losing the overflow tank finnaly puts it under 250 lbs w/out gas :cry: :cry:

its probably a dumb question but what is the foam meant to do? other than cause headaches and weigh gains in bikes

It stops mud building up under the plate in a race, mainly beneficial for hare scrambles where after three hours you can get a lot a junk uder there.

I always remove my skidplate for oil changes and cleaning anyway, but if the foam gets full of gunk,it defeats the object of it!

It also absorbs some of the refelcted noise off themotor after fitting the plate!

The one off of my 250F weighed more like 4 lbs. It's gone. Not enough mud in SoCal to worry about, and it comes out with a water hose anyway.

i rode for 4 hrs today in some nasty mud(i'm talkin up to your a$$) and there was very little up under the skidplate(i checked) so i'm with GR just hose it off so it don't build up! and why the heck do they put the holes in the skidplate to change the oil if your gonna take it off to do it??? :cry:

Ditto. High pressure wash from the side and open ends does a great job. :cry:

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