'04 Clutch Parts in my '03?

I can get a killer deal on GYT-R '04/'05 YZ 450 Clutch Basket, Inner Hub, and pressure plate. The problem is that I have a 2003 450. I was on the Yamaha-Motor website and it shows 03 and 04 basket part #s to be the same, but inner hub is different. Is the inner hub a new part that will work in a 2003? Has anyone done this? Any ideas on which plates I should use: 04 or the a 426 inner plate like I have on my stock 03? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I am almost positive they are different but interchangable. Call a good dealer and talk to one of their techs.

Thanks for the reply. I'll post as soon as I getr some more info.


Old thread, but I'm in this spot right now. Which inner hub for my '03?

Get an '03 OEM and drill holes, an '04 OEM or '04/05 GYTR. Money is really tight, so a Hinson is regrettably not an option.

Thanks, Rad

The best one is the GYT-R. It either is the equivalent of a Hinson, or actually is one. If you buy an '03 hub, you'll get an '04. The part numbers are the same. All the revisions to the parts were simply added in without changing the numbers.

Thanks once again Gray :mad:

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