Do I need a 450?

I currently ride a Husqvarna CR250 which is their MX bike - it is a 2 stroke. The bike is modified and is pretty smooth with an even strong power delivery throughout the rev range. I have been thinking of getting a 4-stroke and am not sure if I should get a 250f or a 450f.

I have not ridden any modern four strokes. I mostly ride hare scramble tracks and occasionally trail ride. I love the imediate speed and power of the 250 2 stroke, and am wondering if a 250f would be much less of a bike than the 250 2 stroke. And, I am wondering if the 450 will be to much bike.

I am an intermediate rider, 5'8, 190#. I am looking at getting an '04 YZF250 or an '04 YZF450

Any one have any advice besides riding them both (I don't have any bud's that have modern four strokes)?



Man, where do you live? No buds with "modern 4-strokes"? I am having a heck of a time finding and 05 Yz250 2-smoke to try out! LOL

You will be very happy with an 04-05 YZ450F if your coming off of a 250 2-smoke. The 250F will not have the power your used to.

Well I have all three of the bike mentioned. Of all of them my 250F is the most versatile but for power and handling the 250 stroke is amazing. The 450 is a 50 horsepower boat. I call it a boat because when you go to rail a berm on it, it just wont do it. It's like it has a rudder on the bottom to keep it standing up.

Netiher 4-stroke will give you the immediate power your used to on a 2 stroke. Honestly though the 250F will get up quicker it just wouldnt have the power of the 450 or a 250 2 stroke but that doesnt mean it's slow. Its a very fast bike. You just have to ride it a little more wide open than a 450 or a 250 2-stroke.

If you're riding the 250 class now, and you want to keep doing that, you'll want the YZ450. The YZ250F, although far ahead of the 2-strokes in the 125 class, isn't really competetive in outdoor MX in the 250 class (I know some people who ride them in the 250 just to annoy the smokers) and wasn't made for that anyway. But they are great fun to ride, and they are definitely NOT a 125.

The 450 has power like no two-stroke on earth. Talk about immediate power, it produces between 27 and 34 ft/lbs of torque over a span from 4000 rpm to near the rev limit at 11,500! They're a little heavier the the 2-strokes, and the weight's a little higher, but they are totally different beasts in action. For all the stories about the bike being a monster, or ridable only by immortals and such, I don't see that at all. They are very powerful, but they are far easier to control than a hot 2-stroke. I've seen some people go back to a 2-stroke, but not many.

I own one of both YZFs, but I mostly ride my 450, and if I could only have one, it would be the big one.

I own the WR250f been a bit Yzinged and a new 04 450. If I could only own one it would be the 450 for sure. I too came from 250 2 smoke and the 250f is very nice but if you like the power of a 250f (about 50+ horse power than the 31 hp of a 250f wont be enough. The 450 has 50+ hp but is much more manageable power than the 2 smoke.

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