Sub Tank review


Remember, it's the volume within the tank that's important. The volume of the Bimba tanks are all listed for the 1" long tanks. Then it shows how mucj to add for each additional inch in length. Compare the volume of their 1 and 1/16" by 6" tank (about the size of the Too Tech) to a 1.25" or 1.5" diameter tank of a shorter dimension. Find a shorte size that roughly matches the volume of the Too Tech and use that.

JohnB's current setup is larger than the Too Tech at about 8 cu. in. total.

A larger tank does NOT require more oil. It ALLOWS more. The maximum practical oil level, no matter how big the tank was made, would be limited to how much the compressed fork will hold.

I have the Polyconn Flow Control Valve (PCBFC-2R) in hand. It's a lot smaller then the Bimba model and the adjuster is located on the top. There are pros/cons to this. It's easier to access the adjusters from the side. With this FCV, I was able to use less fittings/adadpters. Depending how you order the Polyconn FCV (flow direction), you can have the screw facing the side. This will add fittings.

The Bimba FCV adjusts out approx. 5 turns. The Polyconn adjusts about 10 turns. We'll see what happens this weekend after more testing/riding.


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NAFLASH.... Re-read the posts above.

All the answers are there. Click my pic link to see mine (two tanks) mounted and click the too-tech link that someone else provided. If you still have questions... start calling the different shops that carry them.


So i got one more question for you! Are you drilling and tapping into your fork cap? :cry:

Yes... Drill and then tap with a 1/8NPT.


Any chance of some updated pics with the new valves?

How do the compare to the bimba ones setup wise, is less the turns easier or too sensitive?

With your setup how do you bleed the excess air buildup?

sorry so many questions, I'm thinking of building up some to help me with my frontend

Here's a link with the Polyconn valves.

They are smaller and require less fittings.

The jury is still out about the two different valves. My first impression was how good the tanks worked. The valve difference will require more testing. There is a schradder valve on the bottom of the tank to release the air pressure.


Thanks for the pics and update, you certainly have a sweet setup.

Re the valves, They do look better. I just checked out the flow graphs from the web sites and the polyconn's don't seem to have very linear flow adjustment, kind of reminds my of the dyno graph of my old gsxr.


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