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Minor miracle...took carb apart...still runs!!!

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Ok, so I'm not the best wrench. Still a little exciting when I look around and don't see any spare parts!

Hadn't done anything since I got it, thought the jets were stock but didn't KNOW.

Getting the carb out wasn't so bad, don't care for having to remove the rectifier? to get at the lower allen on the cover plate, but🤣

Stripped a screw on the float bowl, but was expecting that.

Nice that they have the main cover/large screw give you access to the Main/pilot and something else - my DRZ only gave access to the Main.

Found dirt/gunk when I removed that cover so KNEW I had to pull the rest apart. Cleaned up pretty good - gunk was only at the bottom.

Removed the main, pilot and the "other" jet, flipped upside down to get them out and "hey where'd that spring/o-ring/washer come from???"🤣

So I try to figure out where it goes, get confused, go into the house for the manual - AhHA! fuel screw!

Go back to garage...WHERE'D THE SPRING GO!!!

Search garage methodically.

Check carb. Shake carb, no rattle.

Search garage.

Search office.

Search garage.

Post on TT - lost fuel screw spring, how bad???

Search garage.

Search carb with flashlight... spring was hiding in the pilot jet hole... 🤣 :D :D 😉:D :D 😉 ;) :D🤣 😉 ;) :(:D🤣:D😉:(:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D 😢 :cry: 😢 :cry: 😢🤣 🤣 🤣🤣

🤣🤣😛😉 ;) 😢 :cry: 😢 :cry: 😢 :cry: 😢 :cry: 😢🤣 🤣🤣

Continue cleaning carb, install new JD red needle -

THANKS BEEZER!!! :D🤣🤣😛🤣🙂😉🤣 😉🤣

- reassemble carb, put back on bike.

HMM, haven't changed the oil yet...better do it now.

Drain oil - then read directions 🤣 🤣

oops, should have drained the frame first...ah well... 😉

Check oil filter, metal particles. Read directions.

Spray with brake cleaner, run out. 🤣🤣

HMM, well I'll probably change the oil soon anyway...

Warm bike up, put tools away, TEST RIDE :(


Test for bog up and down street.

THIS BIKE IS QUICK. No bog, screams thru the gears. Did have a few hiccups at first, but I'm attesting that to needing to fill the AP as subsequent runs reveal no hiccups, no bog 😛:D🤣

Anyhoo, just glad I didn't have any spare parts and it still runs!


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gee your good at finding stuff

i would have gone and bought a new one 😢 :cry:

slack i know 😢

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Oh I'm sure I would have found it when I went to put the pilot back in and it JUST WOULDN'T GO. GGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR - what's the deal!!! 😢 :cry: 😢

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