Good "middle of the road" gearing for XR600?

My chain and sprockets dont have a whole lot of time left and I was going to regear. Right now I have 13/48 and its great at low speed, but the top end sucks. I frequently find myself wishing I didnt have to row the gears as much and also wishing for a 6th(my XR250L had one and I'm glad). I do alot of desert road/double/single track and a fair bot of forestry riding. I was thinking at least a 14t countershaft. What do you all recommend?

I'd go for something like 15/48 or 14/45, its good compromise gearing, still giving you good exceleration and a much lower cruising rev than the gearing you're running. Remember, this motor will have the torque to pull!

14/48 is stock on the 90's 600's and it works pretty good in everything but the tightest of singletracks.

14/48 is stock on the 90's 600's and it works pretty good in everything but the tightest of singletracks.

Since I didnt know where to begin, thats what I figured I would try. The torque now is insane(amazing how fast it accelerates off-idle compared to my previous '92 CR250), but it runs out of breath and gets buzzy well under highway speed. This thread isnt dead quite yet, so anyone feel free to chime in.


I have 14/48 and I can pull away in 2nd easliy, I also was booked by local cops doing 112km/h and I was just going through the gears. Although I wouldn't recommend long periods of travelling at 120 that gearing will do it and also enable u to tractor up or through pretty much anything.

If you want to compare different gearings, you can go get the gearing and speed calculator from the files section of the Yahoo XR650R group (or click here)

It contains the transmission data for all full sized XRs, including the XR600R.

I run 14/48 stock gearing in everything from desert to tight muddy single track stuff and swear by it. Some times i wish i had alittle more top speed when flying down a wash pinned then think to myself "thats fast enough back off a little and keep flying.

a sixth gear would be heavenly! but i'm not givin up myy low end EVER.

i never ride on the freeway however.

I run 14/46 and keep a 15t on the shelf. If I know in advance that I'll be travelling at 60mph for extended periods, I'll swap front sprockets. It's nice to bring the rev's down.

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