wr450 weight

does anyone have the "real" numbers on what the wr 450's weigh? i am thinking of replacing my drz with the 450. i love the drz but need more h.p. that weighs less. thanks kc

I went from a DRZ S (that I had lightened by replacing it's insanely heavy exhaust).

I don't have any hard numbers but it's a catch 22.

The riding is a lot more effortless and I can enjoy the offroading on my 450 much more than the DRZs. Plus, I spend a lot more time on the wheels and not on my head!! Injuries suck, and the weight of the DRZ spit me off an cracked a few ribs up good. Showing up to work without time to heal is tough.

As I was saying, weight is a catch 22 because reliabilty and maintenace suffer with too much weight lose. For example, the DRZs button is awesome, but my Yamaha button surprises me when it works. And there is less oil.

The weight of the 450 hasn't bothered me much, I am rarely on an MX course and it's an awesome woods bike. I take it places without effort that the DRZ was heart attack inducing in the rough.

I would say 20-25lbs. The new 450 has gone backwards a bit by having a smaller tank, gas isn't a bad thing to carry around.

Yamaha dissapointed me with the way they handled the 03 starter issue and I had a breather hose problem that cost me a fortune (after my 1400 repair bill from the crap it sucked in, I fixed the problem for 4 bucks).

Anyway, for the type of riding I enjoy, low and high speed woods riding the bike is fine. I just wish my legs were an inch longer sometimes.And the seat on the WR seems lower than the DRZ. I think that made the DRZ weight worse, the high seat height.

I have never driven a DRZE model. They look sweet and I'd love to try one out, but my WR450 eats the DRZS without trying.

Check for the best dealer, also.

I have had my '04 for about a year and use the e-button exclusively. I'm not sure I've ever had the kickstarter out! Anyway on the '04 it works quite reliably for me. Colder weather might be a problem. I agree that Yamaha left a lot of '03 owners out in the cold but not as bad as Honda has with 4 years of valve issues. At any rate the problem is resolved on the post '03 bikes. As far as the weight goes I haven't ridden a DRZ but my '04 in desert trim (stripped down of the lights and with the lighter YZ exhaust and a few other items) weighs in right at 250 lbs wet, no fuel. You could probably add 10-12 lbs to that in stock trim. I've owned three 4xx's and all have been rock solid reliable. IMO The lower seat height on the '05 is appealling but the gas tank is too small for serious x-country riding. If I had to choose between an '04 and an '05 I honestly don't know which way I would go.

I've got a plated Oregon 450 for sale, for a mere 5500 I'll let you come take it and do a real life comparison of the weight difference. :cry:

Mine weighs 284 lbs. with 3.4 gallons of fuel. :cry:

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