Will my stock rimmed 2004 yz450f hold a fatter tire such as a 120/90 -19 on the rear [110/90-19 is stock],also a 90/90-21 on the front[stock is a 80/100-21]?I assume a bigger tube will be needed if the tire will hold the rim? :cry:

Sure it will go on there! and tube is fine. If you want to change the tube get a thicker tube the stock one's are to thin :cry:

The new 90/100x21 tires are made to fit on existing rims, so no problem there.

Many 120/90 and larger tires specify a wider rim, but using the one you have won't cause any major problems. The tire will just have a little more rounded profile than intended because the beads are closer together.

Using a smaller than "right" sized tube is OK. Where you can get in trouble is by trying to stuff a bigger one into a too small tire. It can end up folded and get pinched.

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