GYTR baffle insert

Hey how well does that GYTR baffle insert work, and how many of those little tube baffles are welded together on it?

I would buy a Quiet Products insert for the same money. It is a 1.5inch diameter tuned lenght pipe with a down spout on the end. Looks nice too. You can see it at

i am just going to weld up my own GYTR style one. So i need the number of little tube things it has.


It has three, all different lengths. Good luck on making your own. :cry:



I made one of my own and I also bought one and the two put out the same noise and power. It is much quieter than stock. My '99 reads about 90 dBA at 3400 rpm (per FIM/AMA sound test procedures) and the power is good. I'll post a drawing of the dimensions and the parts you'll need when I get home from work. It's very simple to make-don't worry about the multi-tube construction. One equivalent diameter tube will work just as well. I bought the GYT-R insert after I made one, thinking that the GYT-R one would work even better than the one I made. I was wrong. They are, for all intents and purposes, identical in their operation. It will probably cost you about 5 bucks to make if you can weld.

Here's a diagram of it:


Everything is welded. The plate is a 1/16" thick steel plate. The 1-3/4" pipe is an exhaust pipe I got at Discount Auto. (You will need to bring your end cap in to see the correct size pipe, it may be 1-7/8" diameter. It's been a while. Get whichever one fits tight into the muffler end cap.) Drill a hole in the 2" pipe so that it lines up with the bolt hole in the side of the muffler end cap and weld a 6 mm nut to the inside. This is how the insert will stay in. The rest you should be able to figure out from the drawing.

Her's a picture of it:


thanks for the info, i thought it would be three. Its not actually for a WR, its for my friends Husaberg 600 that is loud as all hell. So i am going to make him one of these babies to put in his exhaust, we have one of the pro ciruit spark arrestor sreen/quiet core insert in right now, but its not letting out enough exhaust so at idle the headers glow cherry red, so I am going to put together one of these babies and it should let more exhaust out, and hopefully silence the bike to get a more thumperish silent tone. -Matt

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