Finding a new 03

Hi, first post here and checking for a XR650R. I contacted my dealer last week about any 03's left over because I read about some people getting them for $4500-$5200. They didn't call back and I guess they blew it off because they didn't find any.

Is there such a thing as a dealer contact list so I can pole them to find one. I think a dealer in Iowa or kansas may be more willing to deal than one here in Arizona.

Not sure if you will find an 03 left but I would think there would be some 04's out there in that price range. I got my 03 for $4999 in Dec of 03.

By the way, welcome to TT. :cry:

I just picked up a brand new 03 from Hastings Cycle & Atv. ( 3Were picked up)

Hastings NE (402) 463-4717 Brian Arrants

Good Price!

I guess I was wrong about the 03's. Just curious what did you pay for it?

Do a search on . There was a couple of dealers in SoCal with ads (I think one was la cycles) for $4799.

Maybe I will look into an 04 then. If the prices are simular to the 03 then I will save one year of depreciation while they sat in the crate.

$4850 Delivered.

Check with Arizona Honda in Tucson...I picked up a new 2002 last year at a great price. They were great to deal with...and I would drive that distance any day to keep from giving my money to one of the Coulter dealerships (Metro, Town & Country, etc.)...

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