YZ numberplate on WR??

Anyone ever put a YZ numberplate on the WR?? I busted mine up and do not want to replace all that... all the metal brackets are bent and/or broken and th elight is all screwed up and the plactic is busted...

Anyone?? What parts do I need to order to change it around?

I did one for a friend. The YZ plate will work fine but the small "pins" at the bottom of the plate are too short. You will need to extend the holes in the lower triple clamp. I did this by attaching a coupler nut through the original holes in the triple clamp.

A YZ number plate works fine. You don't need to do any mods. You'll just have to disconnect the odometer, and tuck the on/off switch behind the number plate. Zip ties will help with this. I like this setup best, and it's cheaper to fix. I even put a YZ fender on the rear.

I guess I am not understanding the thing with the pins but I am sure I will find out what you mean when I get in there and start wrenching. I am going to order the plate.

One last question for you guys... did you have any problems with brake line routing? The WR goes over then down whereas the YZ routes in front of the plate.

Oh yeah, thanks also!! :cry:



Here's a couple of pics to help you out. Sorry the bike is dirty, I didn't have time to wash them from this weekends ride. I kind of did a crapy job with the on/off switch. Just another project to get finished this week. You can call this bike a WZ. :cry:

Don't worry about the pins, or little plastic feet that holds the bottom of the number plate in the bottom clamp. They won't fit snugg in the holes and that's because you had two screws in there before, but it's all about the top screw any way. I've never had a problem. Good luck! It's really simple.

Awsome... thanks for the time you spent taking the pics...

:cry: :cry:

Masta, did you just not put the taillight in the fender, or did you do some mods? I was thinking about this because I want to put black fenders on.

Another question along these lines as well; anyone ever just remove the ignition switch and short the switch out?? Would this just kill the battery or somthing?

Black & blue,

I just bought a acerbid YZF rear fender, and ditched the tail light. I don't ride at night, and I have this fear of breaking things which cost $$$$$, so that's why I opted for the WZ. It looks really cool with the number plate and smooth rear fender. You will have to make a quarter size cut in the fender for the mounting bracket for the exhaust, but if you have a dremel of large drill bit, it's pretty easy. Once you have all this done, then you don't have to buy OEM parts... YEAH!!!


I've thought about shorting out the ignition, but haven't done it year for resale purposes. I did ditch the WR clutch perch, and shorted out the clutch sensor. WR levers are a rip, and the hot start bolts right on perfectly, plus I think the YZ lever pulls a little easier. Oh yeah you can always find a YZ lever in emergencies. Try finding a WR lever. Good luck.

I got a YZ numberplate and it doesn't wanna work... the screw tab on thi splate is centered. The triple clamp on my WR has the hole off to one side, th eplate won;t fit... is there a part I am missing or my triple clamp different for 04??

Don't worry about trying to bolt it down. Use a wire tie. AKA zip tie.

Ditti the mod. is pretty simple. I left the odometer on mine for kicks, and the YZ rear fender (Acerbis), fit like a glove. My bike is fitting my Motocross fix, but really could stand the suspension done.. #200 sometimes comes down hard, otherwise works fine. :cry:

I bought my bike with this modification already installed.

I also got the original equipment with the bike.

I just did the reverse modification and put the WR front light, odometer and rear fender back on. :cry:

I like having the light if i need it, and i love having the odometer.

Well, thanks all for the tips... I got it done tonight and I am very pleased. I might miss my light with the coming winter months but hey, I can buy a YZ plate anywhere... WR??? Good luck. Anyway, the light and all the crap associated with the odo and light must have weight 2 or more pounds... all at the very top of the bike, so maybe this will help in my quest for less... here are a couple pics... thanks again guys...



Soon I will need to change my sig to WZ450F :cry: :cry:

but really could stand the suspension done..

I hear that... I am buying race tech gold valve setups for forks and shock... I think that will be a big improvement.

This might be an off the wall question. Now that you have changed to a YZ front plate, how much time do you think it would take to change between the two different plates? I like the idea of having a headlight, but I also like the looks of the YZ plate. I'm just wondering if I guy could set up their bike to go back and forth between the two different plate with little effort? Thanks! :cry:

Front is quick. It takes me about 3 mins and i have indicators hooked up, it just consumes a zip tie each time. Back takes longer, maybe 10 mins at a slow pace.

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