Nick Puza, how is the ankle?



Well I havent been on my bike in three weeks. Its not broken, but still swolen. I have to go see an orthapedic surgeon soon to see if I really messed it up. Hows the riding up in NH? Its a beautiful summer for it. Im trying to get better so I can do some riding in the sand in August. Your more than welcome to come.

Thanks for the concern.


Haven't done any riding at all, Nick. I started pulling the airbox right away after PA. Then my water pump went on my car. Decided to pull the head for a valve job, install new timing belts, water pump and all other belts. Just got it back together yesterday, Sunday. The family and I went camping for the 4th holiday. I have had zero time to do anything with the WR. I hope to do it this week, the jetting AGAIN and put back on my WR street legal stuff.

The ankle still swollen doesn't sound too good, I am afraid, but I am no Doctor (except when it comes to making women feel better :) !

Good Luck with the ankle, Nick!


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