Pulled the trigger... my new 05 WR450F

Went and picked up my new toy this last Friday. Big thanks to you guys here at TT for the hook up at LA Yamaha. It was $6699 OTD for the bike and the only mark-up was for the WB E2 exhaust I tacked on to the financing. So total I was $7088 OTD. :cry: Thanks again! Here's some pics just for fun.


Now I just can't wait to ride the thing and see what it'll do!


looks sweet. and they come with real bars now.

I have a few questions for you. When they did the exhaust did they re jet it? How does it sound with that set up? I keep going back and forth from FMF Q pipe to the WB E2.... :cry:

Is the E2 96 dB compliant?

First things first, CONGRATS. I haven't seen one yet but if it's anything like my '04 you're going to love it!

Now my question is about the emissions, how does that little tube work, is there a smog pump? or does it just go from the intake to exhaust? Can you post some pictures of it, I'm just curious!

Congrats! That's how mine looked the other day when I first bought it (less the pipe of course). I opted for bike armor vs. pipe and good thing I did because when I popped it's cherry last weekend this tree jumped out right in front of my left handguard and proceeded to toss me down the trail (less my bike). As soon as my chest heals I'll get a chest protector but at least the cycra handguards saved my hand from getting broken.

Enjoy !!!

Hey guys, thanks for checkin my bike out and for the compliments. I'm still all giddy and stoked over it.

Those are the real deal Renthals for sure. I didn't even think it'd come with the bar pad, but sure enough, there it is. :cry:

I put the silencer on myself when I got it home after I had run the bike up and down the street a few times with the stock one. It only took about 5 minutes to do and doesn't require reusing the any clamp. Per the instructions, "We have found that the stock jetting of this vehicle works excellent and no jetting is required .

Compared to the stock silencer, the E2 is much more throaty and a bit louder. However, it is not nearly as loud as my buddies WB R4. Basically, it has the same "tone" but much less "thump" as the R4. Also per the literature that came with the pipe, "Quiet core design. Meets sound regulations of 96db." and "Developed to be either U.S.F.S. (96 db legal system) or a competition system. (Convers to either in a matter of seconds)" So there ya go. I'll have to put a db meter on it and let you guys know what I find out.

Thanks again for checkin her out. :cry:

Ok, emissions. There's a metal tube that runs along the right side of the head and into the exhaust port in the head itself. I thought it was gonna run into the pipe, but I guess they wanna make it a bit harder to bypass the setup. The emissions pipe is feed by what kinda looks some kind of pump. Maybe a diaphram type? Dunno. I haven't stared at it long enough yet. I will definately post some pics today.

Texas- Thats sucks! :cry: The BLM oughta do something about those damn jumping trees! Along with their cousins, the jumping bush, jumping rocks, and the ever elusive jumping cholla cactus! :cry:

Thanks for your concern Flip ..... it was actually my buddies fault, he jinxed me the other day for chewing me out for not ever wearing one. I thought, this guy doesn't even ride what does he know. I had one last year but sold it because it was too big - didn't like it. Thought to myself "It's only really for roost protection and why does 1st place need that???" hehe ...............WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great looking bike! :cry: Welcome aboard the WR forum! :cry:

Does it really feel lower than the old model?

Congrats on the bike! Hard to believe mine once looked that clean.


Check out the Flak Jacket by Rock Gardn at http://www.rockgardn.com/. That stuff is about the best protection you can get.

do all the 05 us bikes have the smog pump?

any one got some close up pics?

and is the tank 8L or 10L?

Thanks Khari, it does look indestructible! I wonder how comfortable they are?

Yes Little, the overall feel of the '05 is much better in my opinion. I've ridden both. That's why I opted to pay more for the '05.


The flak jacket is pretty comfortable, but it gets hot if you are standing around in it(It's not bad while you're riding.) Most important thing is, it covers everything. Elbows, shoulders, and chest, and it also has a built in kidney belt.

How much was your pipe?



Hey Little- as far as it feeling lower than the '04, I couldn't really say. I threw a leg over both but I'm kinda short at 5'8" so both bikes seem rather tall. I can tell ya that unloaded and side by side with my 97 CR250 the WR is actually a few MM taller. But, with either bike I still have to get sort of a "running start" to get on. :cry: Then when I'm on, I'm just on the balls of my feet.

simon- Only the California versions of the '05 WR have the smog dealie in order to make it green stickerable. I'll be posting some pics of it soon. As far as the tank, its 2.1 gallons, so whatever that translates to in liters. :cry::cry:

Sig- they quoted me $399 at first. But when I told em that Motosport Outlet (www.motosport.com) had it for $359, they went ahead and matched it.

Oh, and I just looked in the manual. The tank is 8L.

Sweet ride!! :cry: I hope you love it as much as I love mine. Go get some time on her! :cry:

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