Bike running like crap at the end of a ride

I went for a ride close to my house on Saturday. During the ride to the trail and on the trail the bike ran great. After the dirt portion was over I started the bike up to ride home. The entire ride home the bike ran like crap, stumbling all over itself. It was poping like it was running lean. The fuel hose wasn't blocked.

Before I tear the carb apart does anyone have any ideas where I should look for the problem. Prior to the ride I had moved the clip on the needle up for winter if that would make a difference.

I'd say keep it simple, switch the needle back. If that doesn't work then dig deeper.

If you moved the clip up, which drops the needle, you leaned it out in the middle. As the air gets colder, it also leans the bike out. If you wanted to compensate for cold weather, you should have lowered the clip which would raise the needle, richening it up a tad.

I'm going to guess and say that if it was later in the afternoon it was cooling off and because you leaned out the needle, the cooler air just leaned it out to the point it was stumbling.

Try going the other way with the needle, or even just ordering the next richer needle to put in there.

You may even have to change the pilot and the main too...

Sorry, I meant raised the needle up. Lowered the clip.

Make sure there is no mud etc in the 2 vent hoses from the carb, it will do just thta. Been there, happened to me

Thanks, I will give it a look when I get home.

My guess is that you have a fouled plug due to the fact that you lifted the needle,the bike may have run ok at first due to the fact that the plug managed to get hot enough to run ok,then over the course of your ride the plug began to soot up,then when you shut the bike down and let it cool the plug will have been so dirty that it would struggle to get up to temp again!,and start to break down and cause poor running under higher engine loads,go back to your original clip setting with a new plug,also remember that these bike`s can have trouble getting up to proper operaiting temps in cold weather due to the fact that there is no thermostat in the cooling system,and they don`t get hot enough in winter riding conditions,this will again cause a slightly rich motor to foul a plug!,you may need to think about covering part of the radiator to help raise engine temp,for sure also check those vent tubes,but if they are clear,make sure you take a look at that plug! :cry:

Like I said over on the jetting forum. make sure you have 2 turns out on the fuel screw and run a 48 pilot. stock needle should be in clip #5 from the top. :cry:

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