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World Champ S1 & S2 Greece Results and report

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Round seven of the Supermoto World Championship was held this past weekend at the former Athens airport and next door to the Olympic Stadium.

KTM´s Thierry Van Den Bosch in S1 and Husky rider Davide Gozzini in S2 were the dominant riders on the 1,540 meters long track, of which 200 meters were off road.

The first S1 heat went to Boris Chambon, though.

Explains van den Bosch, "I was leading the heat race when I had troubles with my gearbox. I had only the fourth gear available, but despite this problem I was able to finish in fourth - not so far from my rivals so I stay confident for the other races."

Van den Bosch bounced back and walked away with the heat two victory before winning his fifth superfinal of the season.

"It was a really good race, even if I was not totally focused on my racing as I heard some strange noise coming from my bike! Except this everything went perfect this weekend, our bikes were pretty well adapted to this track and Michelin gave us really good products," added van den Bosch.

World Champ Eddy Seel enjoyed a consistent weekend and went 2-3-3, but the Belgian will need a small miracle to keep his title.

Meanwhile in the S2 class, Italy´s Max Verderosa and Gozzini had a tough battle going on.

"In the first race I didn’t want to take any risk and secure some points without any crash," said Gozzini, who in total stole two points from Verderosa.

On the prospect of his home round coming next in three weeks, Gozzini commented, "I always enjoyed to race in Italy, as we have the fans behind us. Latina is a nice track, I expect to do great races there."

The Aprilia trio of Max Manzo (S1), Frederic Bolley and Jerome Giraudo (both S2) scored a couple of top ten finishes before it finally clicked for Giraudo in the superfinal.

"It was a difficult weekend for us, and yesterday I finished only 12th and was two seconds slower than the fastest guys. The team worked really hard in the night to change the settings of the bike - and finally they found the right combination.

"I started with a high motivation and got a perfect start from the third row in the first final, I did the best I could in the three races. I don’t like this kind of track where you have slow corners, but it’s the same for everyone even if it didn’t suit to our bike.

"Honestly I can’t be happy with my results, as I took less points than Verderosa and Gozzini today. I’m just happy to offer a podium to my team, everyone knows that it’s their first appearance in the Supermoto and they got another podium with a new bike."


Race 1

1. Boris Chambon, FRA, KTM

2. Eddy Seel, BEL, Husqvarna

3. Ivan Lazzarini, ITA, KTM

4. Thierry van den Bosch, FRA, KTM

5. Fabrice Guyot, FRAU, TM

6. Marcel Goetz, SUI, KTM

7. Max Manzo, ITA, Aprilia

8. Matt Winstanley, GBR, KTM

9. Jan Kvasnicka, CZE, Husqvarna

10. Walter Bartolini, ITA, VOR

Race 2

1. van den Bosch

2. Chambon

3. Seel

4. Lazzarini

5. Bartolini

6. Goetz

7. Gerald Delepine, ITA, Husqvarna

8. Guyot

9. Frederico Brondi, ITA, Husqvarna

10. Winstanley


1. van den Bosch

2. Chambon

3. Seel

4. Delepine

5. Guyot

6. Lazzarini

7. Goetz

8. Bartolini

9. Manzo

10. Brondi


Race 1

1. Massimo Verderosa, ITA, Honda

2. Fabrice Lecoanet, FRA, KTM

3. Davide Gozzini, ITA, Husqvarna

4. Fabio Balducci, ITA, TM

5. Jerome Giraudo, FRA, Aprilia

6. Simone Girolami, ITA, Honda

7. Frederic Bolley, FRA, Aprilia

8. Ivan Boano, ITA, Husaberg

9. Andrea Bartolini, ITA, Yamaha

10. Trampas Parker, USA, Honda

Race 2

1. Gozzini

2. Verderosa

3. Balducci

4. Lecoanet

5. Adrien Chareyre, FRA, Husqvarna

6. Giraudo

7. Bartolini

8. Bolley

9. Robert Baraccani, ITA, Yamaha

10. Parker


1. Gozzini

2. Verderosa

3. Giraudo

4. Lecoanet

5. Bolley

6. Chareyre

7. Bartolini

8. Baraccani

9. Petr Vorlicek, CZE, KTM

10. Jean-Marc Gaillard, BEL, Honda

Point Standings


1. van den Bosch 259

2. Chambon 224

3. Seel 214

4. Delepine 209

5. Lazzarini 209

6. Valter Bartolini 136

7. Manzo 125

8. Bernd Hiemer, GER, Husqvarna 103

9. Goetz 86

10. Guyot 85


1. Verderosa 213

2. Giraudo 184

3. Gozzini 182

4. Lecoanet 154

5. Bolley 128

6. Balducci 128

7. Chereyre 115

8. Girolami 93

9. Christian Iddon, GBR, Husqvarna 90

10. Baraccani 90

S1 photo by J.Barte

taken from mxlarge.com

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first lap photo, Chambon leading the way. again from mxlarge s1_start_rd7_jbarte.jpg

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