yzf400 gears?

I have a 87250r with a yzf400 motor in it. The first gear seems way too tall.I put a 12 tooth front on it and now I go through the other 4 gears too fast. Did the gearing change from the 426 and 450 to a shorter 1st gear? Is there any fix for the 400?

cant anyone help me?

The only fix you are pointing towards would be an internal gear swap. Fit it with the WR tranny, that will give you the extra low first gear and then the high top end gear.

so the 426 has the same internal gears as the 400?

cant I get any help? :cry:

I don't know about the 426 tranny being the same, but you shuld be able to find a 400 WR tranny without a whole lot of problems.

Well thanx butta, at least someone on here would reply! I found the geaR RATIOS between the 426 and 400 they are only different between 1st and 2nd. They are: 400, 27/14 (1.929),and 25/16 (1.563). The 426 is: 24/13 (1.846), and 23/15 (1.533). Now doesnt that mean that the 400 would have a torquier bottom end and rev faster than the 426? Is this true cause I need a better bottom end.

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