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JD Jetting Question for James for my 03 450SX

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I installed the JD Jetting kit on my 03 KTM 450 SX as per the instructions, blue needle with clip on the #5 position and #180 main jet with fuel screw 1 1/2 turns out. I was experiencing quite a bit of popping on de-acceleration and puffs of white smoke on heavy acceleration so I moved the needle clip position down to the #7 spot, changed the main jet to a #185 and the pilot was already set to #45. The smoke puffs seam to be gone but there is still a bit of popping, sometimes very loud and at all RPM ranges. I am running a DSP power now valve, stock head pipe and a Pro Circuit T-4 spark arrestor in California at 500 to 2000 ft elevation. These jet setting seam very rich compared to what everyone else is running. Is it? Could I have another problem causing the popping, like an exhaust leak? Could the power now valve cause it to need such rich settings? Please help!

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