License Plate Holder

My bike is street legal and I can not find an after market plate holder for the WR since the rear febder is extremely narrow. Has any one found a plate holder or fabricated one????


SRG-R makes a nice aluminum one for the WR

light and strong. About $30.00

Tel# 661/295-5190 ask for ext #232 (scott)

Thank you for the information. Does SRG have a web site?

Yo Hoss! I bought a pretty good plate holder from Baja Designs. So far so good, have flipped the bike a couple o' times and it bends back good. I don't have a link for them, but search and you will find..G'luck!


'99 WR

way too stock

Check this out:

I bought an aluminum plate holder for around $22. It fits and is made for the WR. I dont use it much, but it has the 3 holes for the taillight bracket.

Thank you all for your help. I have found the plate holder at Scotts Performance and many other WR parts that I have been looking for and could not find at Four Strokes Only.

I used an Acerbis taillight that has a little extra mounting section built in. Then I just pop riveted to that piece. Mine is narrow too so I turned it sideways. I have seen others just fold the plate under.


aka Rich

1996 300 EXC

(dual sported)

1987 Suzuki LT250R

(Glamis chrome beast)

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