Better battery???

Coming home from a twelve hour shift the other morning my bike shut down. Wasn't too cold out and there was an electrical storm to the south that was displaying its awesome and majestic powers--so I wasn't too upheaved about it. Checked my fuses but the symptoms were indicative of a dead cell--hit the start and the lights go dim. Coworker that works 1st shift saw me stranded and gave me a lift home :cry:. Anyway, I'd rather not put another Yuasa in there as I've not had the greatest of luck with the brand, abiet, all our bikes and most of our quads come factory standard equiped.

Any strangers have the same opinion and have "upgraded"...please post below.


Unless very old, the Yuasa is a good battery. I would say there is probably a drain causing this somewhere else. If not you can try GS batteries.....they also come standard on bikes from the big manufacturers...

I've got a good ground...put a Yuasa tender on it and it hits charged after 20 minutes or so...I put voltmeter on it at the same time. At just over 14 volts with tender on fully juiced I pull the tender and watch the voltage count back down at a rate of 1vdc per sec. That's a major drain...I've got good contact at ground. My bike is a "pre-owned" o4 xrl w/1600 miles. My experience with Yuasa batteries is that once they've lost charge they're basically a tempermental POS.

I've looked at my wiring for bare spots...anything else you might be thinking?



Could someone out there take a minute to put a voltmeter on their battery and check the static voltage and also hit start and see what it draws down to...I need a baseline measurement...wondering if I am barking up the wrong tree here??? :cry:

Woof Woof.I'm sure it shouldn't drop below 9v while cranking.It sound like you have a battery problem.To test for a draw(drain)disconnect the neg. cable and connect an amp meter between the cable and the neg. term on the batt.(with key off).It should have very few(if any )milliamps showing on the meter.If it has a draw start disconnecting connectors till the mA drop.Also check your charge rate.With the bike running you should have 13.5-14.5 volts.

It's probably just the battery thou. :cry:

Thanks for the tips, MotoChris. One last request from me and then this one can be it normal for the headlight to go dim when starting...could a couple of you could run that test and post your findings.

What ever you do ...Don't get a new battery from the dealer....It cost 4 time what you can get from a retailer

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