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Edelbrocks XR650R Carb. Tuning

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I have the HRC manifold with Big Gun ceramic header with Quiet exhaust and Summers Racing stage one air box cover and the air box plugs removed. Edelbrock shipped 3 needles 17-E, 19-E and 21-E. Edelbrock factory installed the 19-E with 19 clicks. Initial test ride way too lean and I have never seen header pipes glow like that before. I tried to richen up 3 clicks at a time all the way to 8 clicks which did help the 0~1/3 throttle position but the bike was holding back mid to full so I installed the 21-E with 8 clicks. That was too rich so now I'm at 15 clicks which is producing lots of power but I have black smoke in the 0~1/3 throttle position, still to rich. Now I'm guessing the right number of clicks using the 21-E is somewhere between 16~22.

Does anyone know the perfect Edelbrock Carb. setting considering the other modifications I have done?

Thank you

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