Fuel Tank??

Will a 2003 2.6 gallon tank mount up on the new 2005 WR450?

There is a real good chance that it will. But not many 05's out there yet to compare. :cry:

The tank prolly will but, the shrouds are different.

IMS has a 3.1 gal tank for the 03-04 YZ. I've been looking at it for my new 05 wr450. I haven't called them yet to see if it'll work.

Here's a link


It comes in white, natural, or blue.

I just finished installing the IMS Tank. It was for the 03-04 YZ. My 05 WR450 accepted it no problem. However, the tank has a crossover line that requires you to screw two fittings into the bottom of the tank. When I poured gas in my new tank one of them leaked. I was not happy. Somehow I'm going to have to seal that fitting. I put radiator guards on from Unibiker at the same time. The only thing with the tank and the guards is that the forward radiator shroud mount will not mount to anything. With three bolts holding the shroud down on the tank, this should not be a problem. However, I'm still not happy with my tank leaking. Guess I'm the guinnie pig here. :cry: I have Works Connection fram guards on the way and a WB E2 pipe. Both were ordered using 03-04 YZ part numbers. Hopefully I will not have any issues. I have no way to post pics, however, If someone here can, I can email them to you.


If I had a tank to buy for a 05WR450f, I'd send an e-mail to ZipTy racing and see what they have to offer. ZipTy tank seem to have the best ergos. :cry:

the yamaha gytr/acerbis tank is also a good choice and it will allow the use of radiator braces. they both (yamaha gytr/acerbis and ims/zipty) require yz shrouds.

If it is the screw threads that are leaking, try Hylomar sealant. It is a polyester based resin that does not harden, and it is fuel resistant. It works much better than teflon sealants and/or tape, and it's blue too! Available at any good auto parts store.... :cry:

Thanks Bikepilot. That is just what I needed to know.


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