Can you help diagnose my problem?


Just installed a new Terminator clutch cable and am finding that no matter how I adjust the either end of the cable I couldn't get the clutch to engage. It was then that I noticed that the spring on the arm is "loose", it almost looks sprung. Unfortunatly I cant tell if the spring is in the correct position but it looks to be. There is absolutely no tention on the arm at all. I can literally tap it back and forth with my finger...

The clutch did work fine before, but it was starting to fray.

What do you think?

Here's some ideas:

-It's possible that the clutch cable is the wrong length. Measure it up against your old cable.

-The clutch arm (or "push lever" as it's referred to on the parts diagram at this address: on my bike is loose until I adjust the cable tension almost all the way out. My cable's getting pretty old and is probably stretched out pretty good.

-If the cable is the right length for certain, you can rule out a damaged push lever by inspecting it. With the cable disconnected, take off the flange bolt (an 8 mm), then take off the clutch cover and clutch boss to relieve the tension on the push rod. Then pull out the push lever to see if it's damaged. It should take a half hour at the most.

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