Good price, but how bad is the damage, and how well maintained has it been?

After being around here for a while, I would only buy a used dirtbike off of a TTr who has used this forum to keep his bike in top shape, like most of us.. :cry: :cry:

I'm not familiar with Alabama, but the ad says it is a "non-titling state". If you're telling me that bike is sold with no title, I wouldn't take that chance. Too risky. The seller may not even have obtained it legally. Who knows?

There are several states out there that don't title dirt bikes. You get the MSO from the dealer if you buy it new, but when you buy it used from some private individual, the best you're going to get is a Bill Of Sale. I understand your caution, especially being from Kalifornia, and is worth checking the VIN for...other than that, it's commonplace in those states. Heck, in Mississippi, you don't even license a all...weird..

The damage might just refer to the plastic, which is no big deal. On the other hand, it has a TrailTech computer and the stock bars, which may be a good sign if they are original. If it runs good, it might be a great deal for someone, especially if you live near enough to go take a look. I'd call and ask how the radiators look.

Yeah, out here in Kalifornia, we are obligated to register at the Dept of Motor Vehicles. I would just want to be sure that when they put that VIN in their computer, some alarm doesn't go off.

It's definitely a valid concern and something I would do if buying from an unknown source...gotta protect yourself!!


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