03 to an 05

I am thinking of selling my 03 450 and getting an 05 450.

Has anyone made this change and what do you feel and the changes from the 03 to the 05?

The suspension is getting raves, but changes to the power characteristics are getting mixed reviews from the guys here. Some like it, some don't.

I'm pretty sure you can make the '05 run exactly like one of the older ones for less than it would take to make the '03/04 suspension work the the new one though.

The 05 stock feels like your riding an 03 with a 6oz. flywheel and a FMF Ti4 and powerbomb header. I have this combo on my 03 that's why I say that. If you've ridden a bike with that you'll know what I mean. Its very smooth. There is definitly more power but it's real smooth.

I made the change that you are thinking of, trust me it was well worth it. Some of the biggest changes is the forks, brakes, and motor, the motor is smother and yet stronger on top it does not lift the front tire as easy coming out of turns which is a very good thing. I think the motor it just very usable you can actually use all she has at times, I also found that the gearing is different I use 3rd for almost everything on the track, if it is really tight I will use 2nd and if the track is really fast you may click into 4th, but I have never needed more top speed! Lastly I can now take the inside line which I was never able to do before it turns alot better and feels alot lighter even though it only lost a few pounds. Well if you have any questions post away, hope this helps. :cry: :cry: :thumbs

Hi Jason,

With your 03, did you have a flywheel weight. If so what weight did you use?


Yes I did, it was a gytr 5oz. :cry:

I cant wait for the 06 :cry:

Hi Jason,

Like you I put a flywheel weight on my 03. I used the 6oz. from Dr. D.

If I understand your post correctly, the 05 motor is stronger and smoother than your 03 with the 5oz weight. Is that correct? Do you feel the need to put a flywheel weight on the 05?

You also mentioned that you can ride mostly in 3rd gear, but that was not always the case with your 03. Are you aware of any internal gear ratio changes. If you do not mind, can you look at the gear ratio in your owners manual.



I cant wait for the 06 :cry:

It is tempting to wait for the 06. I assume that it will use the aluminum frame like the 125/250. I keep telling myself if i keep waiting I will never get another bike. It seems like there is always some thing newer, bigger, better, just like computers.

I have an 03 im just going to wait for the 06 i dont see the reason to change quite yet. just waiting for the frame change in 06.

Yea I will check it out, The ratios feel different! I feel more in control, it just seems to wait a little longer to hit but it pulls forever on top. I am not going to put on a flywheel weight, I love how it revs and yet I have not stalled it, I was going to wait for the 06 too but like you said if you keep waiting then you will never buy one. Next people will be saying that they are going to wait for the new one to be out a year so that it is tried and true. But I am very happy with my decision! :cry: :cry: :cry:

it just seems to wait a little longer to hit

they wanted to strangle me for saying that. :cry:

I'm awaiting my 05. Damn near bought the 04. I love the hard hitting, but have been told that i'll be faster on the 05 :cry:

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