Gas Tank Problems

I own an 01 650 which after rides in the rockies and on the plains of Nebraska has a cracked tank in several places. I have never went down hard or have taken the tank off the bike. Has this ever happened to any body else? Just above the gas cap it is so bad that it leaks.

Most people replace the tanks with a larger plastic type.I have a Clarke on mine.

Mine('03) is cracked in the same place.

I also have never gone down and hit the tank in that region. Seems to be right in front of the gas cap.

I also have some cracks developing at the very bottom of the tank on the left side that are not from impacts. I have one large crack(3"long) that is not leaking fuel yet.

I had the same cracks develop on my XR400 tank, and I believe it is from the sun or heat. Large cracks develop on the outside of the tank but fuel does not leak out for a while.

Might be caused by UV light. :cry: :cry:

That is the same as my 650. I have no idea when they started. I used some poxy from an RC store to seal them. It is supposed to be gas resistant but time will tell. i will replace the tank as soon as possible.

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