clutch question

ok i bought a magura hydraulic clutch for a guy a while back and the circled part is bent and so i need the replacement part for it. but i cant not find it any where on the net and i do not know what ir is called or where to buy it. PLEASE any help is appreciated!


I' m not sure how the Magura setup works but that looks like a slave cylinder to me. If only the rod is bent you should be able to disassemble it and straighten it without too much trouble.

I haven't worked with a Magura setup either, but I have lots of experience with a variety of hydraulics. If that is a picture of the actual assembly you have, it looks like the bend should be in the thinner section of the rod. The slave cylinder is made so that pulling the lever causes the actuating rod to be drawn into the cylinder. So, the important question is, is the actuating rod bent at a point where the bend will move past the seal and bushing in the end of the cylinder? If not, just straighten and use it. Remember, it pulls, so it doesn't need to be perfectly straight to be strong enough for the job. Even if it is bent where it will pass the seal, you might have some luck with straightening it. If the cylinder leaks or binds, you'll know it didn't work.

Ask a dealer to help you find a contact for Magura if you don't hear from someone else.

Parts unlimited sells the slave cylinder part right out of their catalog. Go down to your dealer and look at it. You need the KTM one you will see the picture. :cry:

thanx guys. i really need the little ball thing on the end. im about to go check out parts unlimited. thanx

my brother broke the magura perch on his ktm, the dealer wants $215 for just the master cylinder. but i cant get an entire magura setup for my yz for $189.

whats up with that? :cry:

ya im having to pay about 90 bucks for the slave cylinder and bleed kit and i only paid 100 for the whole clutch! i could've just bought a new one. well live and learn :cry:

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