Crazy idea: long rod 650?

I know the 600/650L doesnt like to rev, generally speaking, but I got to thinking about how smallblock Fords are made to rev. You just use a 302 crank, longer 289 rods, and pistons with the right pin height. Has anyone ever done something similar with a 650L using a 650 crank, 600 rod, and a custom big-bore piston? Heck, even if its not a Honda?

Last time I measured 289,302 con. rods there the same length..

Yeah,a longer rod is a good idea for most engines,ya need to figure out the correct ratio... :cry:

For Ford,get a windsor block,a 400 crank,360 mopar rods,pistons,custum mach. work and build a 416

Yeah, you're right. They both have a 5.090" rod, but the 289 had a 2.87" stroke instead of 3.00". Dont know what the heck I was thinking. :cry: Maybe I was getting my mis-matched parts strokers confused with long rods. How about a 393W made with 351W rods, 302 slugs, and a store-bought crank? Fun fun fun.

Anyway, is there even a difference between the 600 & 650 rods?

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