I put one of these kits in a 98 suzuki RM 250 . The kit works just fine. This bike had a terribl eclutch from day one. Anything that works in this bike should be fine in a good machine!

Seriously, the parts appeared well made. For the price it cannot be beat.

Cool...thats all I needed to hear. I'll give one a try in my 426 and post a report in the future.



I just wanted to give an update. I installed the tusk clutch kit in my 2001 426 a few weeks ago. I got the kit with the "heavy duty" springs....the springs were made by EBC. I put three rides on the clutch and the springs are shot. I read somewhere that someone had the same problem with the EBC springs right after I installed the kit, so I wasn't too suprised. I noticed on the first ride that something was up....I had to adjust my clutch cable at the handle bar lever every hour or so until the end of the day. When I got home and started the bike, the clutch wouldn't engage, so I had to adjust the cable down by the clutch actuator arm. I was hoping that the springs were just "breaking in" and would settle to stable size. Next ride the same thing happened...as did the third ride. After the third ride, I pulled the springs out and measured them with dial calipers. They went from 1.97" (when the were new- 3 rides ago) to 1.86"....well below the lower spec of 1.92"....

So, I had to rig something to ride this past friday. Since thanksgiving was the day before, I was screwed for any chance of getting new springs, so I got up early and headed to home depot at 6:30 am. I bought some flat washers that were roughly the same size (outer and Inner diameter) of the springs. I bolted them together in line and cut a bunch of "v" grooves in them (for oil flow). Then I put the springs back in andadded a single washer at the outside end of the springs....put the spring bolts back in an ...viola...my clutch worked again......It got me thru the day, but the friggen piece of crap springs squished even further.

I just ordered Yamaha stock clutch springs from my dealer. My parts guy told me that he's heard this complaint before involing aftermarket clutch springs and yamahas. The stock springs were only 15.00, so its no big deal pocketbook wise...just a pain in the a$$.

My advise for anyone thinking about ordering the tusk clutch kit?

I'd get the kit thats available without the springs and order stock oem springs.

I checked the tusk plates and they all looked and measured perfect.....other then the crappy springs, I'd get the plate kit again

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