GYT-R Tank for 2003 WR450

I am looking for a stock 03 wr450 tank and shrouds somebody want to sell theres pm me if so Thanx also if you want to trade for a IMS 3.1

HELP. I am installing my tank now and some things seem weird. The strap at the base of the seat is waaaay too short to make it, is that normal. The right side petcock is the one with the round knob correct? The outlet is supposed to point inward??? This puts it about a quarter inch from the head bolt. Is this correct?

Sorry to hijack, but how did you fit your tank vent tube and your handlebar pad? I have a new triple and Fatbar -- the vent won't fit where it goes stock with the pad on there... :cry:

SV, I had the same problem with my vent tube when I fit my Applied top clamp & fatbars. What I ended up doing was taking the end of the hose that went down into the steering stem & saftey wired or zip-tied (I can't remember which) to the left side of the frame's headstock, I don't remember what exactly I tied it to, but I think there was some holes or a bracket or something there. Whenever I need to fill up I just pull the hose that's now attached to the frame off of the little plastic valve near the cap, that way I'm not fighting a twisted rubber hose (mine will actually tighten the cap back up a bit if you let it go). I can take a pic of it over the holiday & post it on Monday if you want.

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