Aftermarket Parts for 05 WR450F

I would like to buy a pipe, frame guards, and a skid plate. All of the catalogs only go to 04. Will these parts work on a 05? Also, has anyone put a new seat on thier WR? I would like some more foam for my skinny butt. Does Ceet make one yet?



Hey sig- check yer PMs

Also checkout Eline Accessories They have listings for carbon/kevlar stuff for the '05. From what I'm seeing though, most of the '04 stuff should bolt up.

Some stuff for the 04 YZ450F will work. Some won't.

The Devol frame guards I know will work. The works connection radiator braces WILL NOT. At least the right side will not although the left side will :cry:

Don't know about the seat. Maybe try impact shorts to pad YOUR seat :cry:

Sorry, forgot to mention ... most all pipes will work too. Check out the post "pulled the trigger" He's got pics of a super nice white bros E2 pipe.

Also check out for guards and plates and such. They have alot of '05 stuff too. ETA of 12/10/04 on the rad braces.

My 05 WR450F is being used as I am typing this as a Guinnee(sp?) pig for BRP...they are measuring and making the upper triple clamps (odo mount is diff than 04 and the forks are 48mm instead of 46)...they are also fitting my old scotts dampner..etc. so if your looking for upper BRP

Thank you all! Flip, your going to love it.


I been to BRP everyday for the last four days. They have pretty much everything dialed in now. The only problem with the upper triple clamps are the spacing between the pinch bolts are not spaced wide enough apart to accept the brackets that hold the ignitionswitch, wire loom, and front brake line. I made the brackets fit the pinch bolts but the guys st BRP told me they should have clamps that work without modifying anything in about a week. It only took me 10 minutes to make the brackets work, and the odometer mounting bracket is now being made by BRP. Give them a call and they can set you up. There one of the best shops out there :cry:

Guts racing tall soft seat. No more :cry:.

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