01 YZ426 VS 04 YZ450

I just picked up a 01 426, w/pro circuit T4, and I was trying to figure out who would pull who when I pit my bike against my friends 04 YZ450, w/the same pipe, in glamis this weekend, should I preapare myself for victory, or an upset?

P.S. we are both about the same weight

BanannaHands - get ready to get flamed for asking this.

I'll cut you some slack and say my buddy's 03 450 feels sanppier than my 02 426 but when it comes down to a drag race the winner seems to be more about nerve than horsepower.

say a prayer and shift fast!...those 450's keep pulling when the 426's hit the limiter and have to be shifted....I just wasted my clutch last week trying to make up time in every corner after Beezer would walk away from me down the straights on his 03 450....the 426 are no slouches either....but the yz 450's have that magic 4 speed....plus 24 more cc's!


I have owned both. I can honestly say that my '04 doesn't feel that much, if any, faster than my '01. Both bikes are very fast. I think the '04 has a broader power span. Broader meaning that it comes on quicker, not pulls longer. The low end is increased. I pull 3rd gear starst on my '04......i couldn't do it with my '01.

Handling.....now thats a whole different story. The ergos, suspension, and weight of the '04 makes for a much easier bike to ride MX with.

Challenge your buddy to a long race that will end with both bikes at top speed. The extra gear on the '01 should give you bragging rights on that race.

Thanks for all the info, now I think I will do some sneaky mods before we hit the sand drags, Does anyone have anything that will help me with pulling this guys 450 Beast?

I have both and my 04 yz450 is WAYYYYY faster in acceleration. The 426 has a higher top speed with stock gearing (thanks to the 5 speed).

My 00 yz426 is dialed in and the 04 yz450 is stock. :cry:

From what I've experienced so far, my 450 pulls much harder than my 426, especially down low. Not that the 426 is a slouch, it's still a great motor, the 450 is just a monster.

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