Suggestions for Fat Bar/Clamps & Chain Sprockets - 2003 WR450f

I am looking for suggestions for the purchase of a new set of handlebars & clamps for my 2003 WR450f. I like the 1-1/8" fat bars. What type of handlebar bends do people prefer? Do I need a new top triple clamp as well, or are there other options?

Also, I am in need of a new chain and sprocket kit. Any suggestions? I will run stock gearing. Are the X-ring chains worth the $$$.

I ride woods trails, sand dunes, mud, gravel roads, etc. no motorcross track riding.

Thanks for any help

Pro Tapers - Randy Hawkins bend

Longhorn adjustable triple clamp

Ironman sprockets

High quality O-Ring chain. :cry:

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