Spark Plug for 650R

Hey, guys, I need a plug recommendation.

The NGK web site lists the following:

Iridium BKR7EIX-11

Tradition BKR7E-11

Any comments on these plugs?

Others you would recommend?

Does it really matter?


Go with the less expensive one. If the motor is stock then plug selection on a fourstroke should not matter. The IX I believe is the Iridium plug. Supposed to be a great one. I tried it and noticed no difference besides a smaller billfold.

I used the Denso Iridium and noticed a huge difference, on my bike and all my cars. Just with the plug change the bike ran 7-10 degrees cooler.

Also if you go with the Iridium plugs you will probably never have to buy another plug. They last for ever

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