Weird noise and unrelated oil leak

My 450 has a weird noise. When you give it gas (only) it squeaks. Like a mouse. Even in neutral going down the trail. Any ideas? No it's not the chain.

Also I have oil leaking from a bolt that hold the cylinder down. It's the bolt that the clutch cable bolts too. It's minor but annoying. Replace the washer, tighten, any ideas?

The first thing that comes to my mind is an exhaust leak at the head/header. It should be under warranty, right?

Warranty? No I don't think so. Were you reffering to the noise or oil leak?

I don't know, both. Maybe it's a habitual holdover from working around cars for so many years, but I sort of expect an '05 model to get some kind of owner support. Come to think of it, it's a dirt bike. They probably have a clause that says the warranty ends as soon as you start it. What was I thinking?

If your squeak sounds kinda like a whistle, and it gets higher pitched as the engine revs higher, this is normal, it's just the sould of air being inducted into the air box as far as I can tell.

Mine was making a sound sorta like that from day 1 of buying it. I think its normal.

Normal, I think it's the carb, but it does sound like air getting sucked by something. Mine has done it since the beginning at small throttle openings. I've got the 426 but I can see how this would be similar on both bikes.

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