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2001 DRZ 400 kicker Jetting

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I have poured over all of the combinations on the DR forum and have a couple questions. DRZ is setup as follows:

160 main

45 Pilot(stock)

Stock Needle clip on fifth position

Snorkel out

FMF powerbomb header

FMF new Q pipe (due to California noise - they are checking)

Coast Enrichener on

Fuel screw 2.5 turns

elevation 0-1200ft @ 60-80 degrees most and 5000-7000 75-80 degrees sometimes

I am going to add the JD Jetting kit, but it seems like it is set up for bikes with the Coast enrichener on and 45 pilot. If I take the CE off will I have the correct main jet spread and needles with the JD DRZ 400 kit? I would add the 38 pilot and PAS set at 75. Is it worth while to remove the coast enrichener?

If yes to remove CE what needle and main jet

If no on removing the CE I assume keep existing settings but add the blue needle @ 3rd clip?



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the jd kit works either way.you dont have to take the CE off if you dont want to.i prefer to remove them,but its not a must.they tend to be inconsistent as time goes by.

the same needle setting and main jet works either way.

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