Where are all the posters?

This forum has been dead tonight! Is everyone watching the Presidential election? Anyone have any questions or comments other than the election stuff?

OK, I'll throw out a question. Why wont my new 650R wheelie worth a damn in stock form? I wanted to wait until out of warrenty to uncork but the suspense is killing me. I figured even being a 650 it should have some more wheelie power than this. Could be the altitude I'm at in Colorado.

I got the hole saw ready, I may need to start this project early!

There are three reasons why the 650R doesn't wheelie as well as people think it should: 1) in stock form it's too slow, 2) it has a long wheelbase, and 3) the center of gravity is shifted forward.

Uncorked/jetted, the bike will wheelie easier, but not as easily as a KX500, mainly because a KX500 weighs a LOT less, pumps out more horsepower, and does not have much weight on the front end.

I'm sure they designed the XR650R more for high speed stability than for wheelies. Even though wheelies can be useful for clearing certain obstacles.


'00XR650R/uncorked/jetted/street legal

'04KX500/fmf gnarly/vforce reeds/illegal

Mine pulls the front up easily but its the first bike I have owned that had the power to do so (My old XR200 needed some rough clutch popping) Can it be held and ridden for a while? or b/c of the design it keeps it down...? I want to show off a little and learn but I'd like to keep the rubber side down while trying!

Can you do it?


I guess its time to turn in

Just a slow night I guess.


Go ahead and uncork it. That is how the bike was built to run anyway. It won't hurt anything. I only waited a week to uncork. That is how long it took to get the jets, carb boot, and air filter. Uncork it and you will be :cry: from ear to ear.

Many, many years ago, I was able to wheelie thru the gears on my '87 XR600. I could even do pretty good balance wheelies. I am still not very good at it on the 650R. I don't know if it is because I am getting old and nervous, or it's the bike. It's not a power issue. I assume it's me.

Hmmm..I guess I have a challange to overcome! with the weight situated more forward that would mean the bike needs to be more verticle to ride the wheelie! We'll see if it works....Anyone else able to do it?

I just may rejet in the near future. I bought the jets, carb manifold, and hole saw for the pipe. I was just a tad shocked because even my DR350 pops up nice and easy in 1st. I'm expecting the same on the 650 after uncorking!. I thought I could get nice roll on wheelies in 2nd with this bike, we will just have to see.

Getting some taller handlebars would help quit a bit I think.

I'm running a 13 tooth front sprocket on my bike for dirt work and the 650R is one of the easiest bikes to wheelie on that I have had. The first three gears are simply a throttle twist away from a wheelie. I also have no problem with it on the balancing point either and I think it does it much better then my old 600R come to think of it. I do know that it doesn't run for crap with it corked up. Pull the plug and hang on. Power wheelies will not be a problem :cry:

I also have no problem with it on the balancing point

Excellent! I want to learn!

Teach me... What is your position on the bike? Standing, sitting, centered...etc...

Can you explain? I have 13/50 gearing but I have tried it with 14/48 as well.

As soon as I get back to TN I'm going to ride until I get it!

Anyone got any video or pics!

How long can you ride a wheelie anyone?

Please tell your story!

Some guys I know who ride uncorked 650R's have trouble with the bike trying to get out from under them. But I think that's normal considering the power of the bike. More than one guy I know has complained about not being able to do wheelies easily, but I think it's more of a skill issue, and not the bike.

I think I am just more chicken than I used to be. And it does take a lot of practice. My only tip: when the front end approaches the balance point and you back off the throttle, back off slowwwwly. This gives you a chance to modulate the power and hopefully keep it near the balance point. If you get nervous and chop the throttle, the engine braking will bring the front end down too quickly.

Throttle control is by all means the key element. Once you get it up to the balancing point holding a steady throttle and body positioning are the keys. Most of the time I ride wheelies sitting down and if I want to go for distance that is my best position. I am now working on getting it dialed in to ride them for a distance standing but it is something completely difference then sitting in the way it feels but I sure think it is cool to see someone riding a long wheelie standing up. It also comes in handy for water crossings and other obsticles as well. My best advice is go riding alot :cry: and practice :cry:

The 650r is a wheelie monster, it has more than enough torque and power to get it up uncorked in the first three gears. I usually start in 2nd and just bring her up. I've also become more comfortable riding them standing up when finding the balancing point. I think I'm just more comfortable knowing that if I'm going to loop it, I can just step off. If you haven't yet uncorked the bike, DO IT. Also try running a lot lower air in the rear tire, makes the wheelie a lot more stable. Have fun!

"The 650r is a wheelie monster"

I like the sound of that! Can't wait to uncork. Another thing I'm finding out is that in the stock condition if you lay on the throttle too quick from idle it chokes and you have to quickly let off to keep if from dying. I'm sure the rejet / uncorking should help that one too.

What happens to me in the past...If I snapped the throttle it puts me too close to laying on my back but if I try it more controlled in first it'll pull the wheel but its almost like the bike gets going too high RPM and needs to shift so the front drops IF its in 2nd. the bike gets going too fast before it gets into position?

Is it a smooth action of the throttle, or quick then part let off or what? Pass on what works...please!

Can someone have someone take a pic or video of them riding a wheelie!



Another thing I'm finding out is that in the stock condition if you lay on the throttle too quick from idle it chokes and you have to quickly let off to keep if from dying. I'm sure the rejet / uncorking should help that one too.

What you are describing is known as the HONDA kill switch. The stock carb is not a pumper and since the 650r is a single cyl. engine, there is not enough vaccum created at low R's to suck all that gas in, hence causing a super rich condition and killing the pig. There are TWO options you have to cure this ailment. You can either learn how to be less jerky on the throttle and roll it on or you can buy an edelbrock qwik silver carb (which kicks ass). As far as wheelies, start them in 2nd and roll them on too, get back nice and far to find that point, expect to wreck a couple times and keep you foot on the brake if you don't wanna loop it!

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